Welcome to GRATEFUL ACRES! We are a farm located in Hurdle Mills, North Carolina. Our farm is nestled between Hillsborough and Roxboro, North Carolina in southern Person County. We are a diverse farm and have a little bit of everything including Pastured Berkshire Pigs, Cattle, Chickens, Guineas, Turkeys, and Fainting Goats! We also have a lovely orchard and pollinator garden. We proudly serve the surrounding communities including Chapel Hill, Durham, and Raleigh with our farm products including pastured Berkshire Pork!


We believe in sustainable agriculture and knowing where your food comes from. We raise all of our animals as humanely as possible, and we do not use pesticides on our plants or trees. All of our animals roam the pastures and woodlots, bask in the sunshine, and breathe fresh air. We started this farm for ourselves so we knew exactly how our food was raised. We've decided to expand our operation and offer some of our farm products to our larger community and help promote local, sustainable agriculture. The farm products that we are currently offering are our Pastured Berkshire Pork, Grass-fed Beef, Honey, and our Farm Fresh Eggs. We also offer Gift Certificates. Please see our 'Products' page to learn more. Products are offered during our Farm Market Hours or by appointment.

Come and get your pastured pork and grass-fed beef products!


Here's when and where you can find us:

  • Saturdays: Hillsborough Farmer's Market from 8-12pm. (Located at 430 Waterstone Drive, Hillsborough). This Market is Year-Round.

  • First Sundays of the Month: Bahama Farmer's Market and Food Truck from 12-3pm. (Located at Bahama Ruritan Club, 8202 Stagville Rd, Bahama, NC). This Market is from May - November.


Our on-Farm Market is also open by appointment. To make an appointment, contact Karen at gratefulacres829@gmail.com | 336-364-0115.

pastured berkshire pork

PASTURED PORK AVAILABLE! We have Purebred Berkshire Pigs! Berkshire Pigs are a heritage pig that is well-known for its depth of flavor and taste. All of our pigs are 100% raised on pasture and woodlots where they have free access to roam, eat bugs, root in the earth, and bask in the sunshine and mud!

We maintain a garden, orchard, and pollinator garden at Grateful Acres! The garden consists of whatever is seasonally available. The orchard has blueberries, strawberries, and many different types of trees. Our pollinator garden is a true Pollinator Paradise full of many different kinds of butterflies and beneficial insects!

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We have many different types of animals at Grateful Acres! We raise cows, fainting goats, turkeys, chickens, and guineas! We enjoy the dynamic and diversity that each animal brings to the farm! We believe in sustainable agriculture and raising our animals in the most natural way possible.

Want to know what's happening at Grateful Acres? Check out our 'Farm Updates' page! This is where we post anything from the animals' latest antics to what's blooming in the orchard and pollinator garden that month! Check it out and come back often!


"We bought 1/2 Berkshire pig from Grateful Acres and couldn't be happier with the quality of the meat!"


"This place is beautiful and they take GREAT care of their animals!!"


"We've already discussed getting another pig from you guys again next year... He's been one of our best and easiest to raise so far. We could tell he was well cared for prior to us getting him."


"I thought I would send you a quick note to let you know that I have sampled some of the pork I purchased from you a couple of weeks ago.  It's wonderful!  I'm very happy with my purchase and have recommended your farm to some friends.  I'm so glad there are farmers around like you and your family."