We raise Purebred BERKSHIRE PIGS. After spending several years raising different breeds of pigs, we believe the Berkshire Pig is unsurpassed in meat quality, tenderness, and taste. Our pigs are 100% raised on pasture and woodlots where they have free access to roam, eat bugs, root the earth, and bask in the sunshine and mud -- just like nature intended! Please visit our 'Berkshire Hogs' page to learn more.

We have heritage Belted Galloway CATTLE at Grateful Acres. We choose Belties because of the lean meat that they produce. Belted Galloway beef is low in saturated fat content as well as total fat average. They also have high ratios of Omega 6 to Omega 3—the beneficial lineolic and linolenic acids. As a farm animal, Belties have a great temperament and excellent mothering abilities.

We have many different types of CHICKENS at Grateful Acres, including Orpingtons, Rhode Island Reds, Dominiques, Barred Rocks, Brahmas, Polish, and Ameraucana (the blue egg layer). Like all of other animals on the farm, the chickens are 100% on pasture (but closed into their coop at night to protect them from predators). When they're not out eating bugs, we supplement their diet with a local, non-GMO feed. We do sell chicken eggs. Please see our 'Products' page to learn more.

We have Tennessee FAINTING GOATS! You've never seen anything so funny as a goat falling over! These goats will literally fall over and faint if they become startled. Their muscles lock-up for 3-5 seconds. Afterwards, they're able to get back up. We've enjoyed having our fainting goats at the farm. They're a great source of entertainment!

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We raise White Holland TURKEYS which is a Heritage breed of turkey. They have great personalities and are quite friendly. These guys and gals love to talk to you and follow you all around the yard!

Our farm also has GUINEA FOWL to help control the tick population. We wanted a more natural way to control ticks in our pastures and fields, and we read that guineas are a great way to do this. They'll also raise a racket and let you know if there's anyone or anything strange going on at your farm! During the summer months, we may have guinea eggs available for sale.