We have premium Purebred Berkshire Pork available!! These are pastured-raised and woodlot-raised pigs. 

Berkshire Pork is known for its richness, texture, and marbling. Taste for yourself why Berkshire Pork is considered the best around! All of our pigs are raised 100% on pasture and woodlots. We love our pigs, and we raise them as naturally and humanely as possible.


Whole & Half-Hogs are available - 5.45/lb for whole or half-hog orders.

Click here for more details on whole/half-hog orders.


Please contact Karen at karen@gratefulacresfarm.com or 336-364-0115 with your order. Free delivery available within a 30 mile radius of Hurdle Mills, NC with orders over $50. (The home page on our website and our Facebook page always have the open Farm Market days and times listed. Appointments also available.)



  • Pork Tenderloin - 12.00/lb

  • Boston Butt Roast - 7.00/lb

  • Picnic Roast - 7.00/lb


  • Bone-in Chops - 10.00/lb

  • Boneless Chops - 10.00/lb


  • Smoked Petite Ham - 8.00/lb

  • Smoked Ham Steaks - 8.00/lb

  • Smoked Ham - 8.00/lb


  • Baby-Back Ribs - 8.50/lb

  • St. Louis Ribs - 7.50/lb

Bacon: (No nitrates added. Just those found naturally in celery powder and sea salt.)

  • Smoked Bacon - 10.00/lb

  • Smoked Jowl Bacon - 5.00/lb


  • Polish Sausage - Kielbasa (6-inch links) - 8.00/lb

  • Bratwurst (6-inch links) - 7.00/lb

  • Hot Italian (6-inch links) - 7.00/lb

  • Sweet Italian Links (6-inch links) - 7.00/lb

  • Pork Hot Dogs - 7.00/lb


  • Sausage (ground) - 6.00/lb (Mild Italian, Hot Italian, Sweet Italian, Mild Country Breakfast, Hot Country Breakfast, Chorizo)

  • Sausage (links) - 7.00/lb (Mild Italian, Hot Italian, Sweet Italian, Mild Country Breakfast, Hot Country Breakfast)

  • Sausage (ground) - 7.00/lb (Maple Breakfast)

  • Sausage (links) - 8.00/lb (Maple Breakfast)


  • Ground Pork - 6.00/lb

  • Lard - 5.00/quart (available in quart containers)

  • Smoked Pork Hocks - 5.00/lb

  • Fresh Pork Hocks - 5.00/lb

  • Fresh or Smoked Ham Pieces - 3.00/lb (great for soups, stews, baked beans, etc.)

  • Fatback - 3.00/lb

  • Neckbones - 1.00/lb

  • Trotters (Pork Feet) - 3.00/lb

  • Heart - 3.00/lb -- Sold out

  • Kidneys - 3.00/lb - Sold Out

  • Liver - 3.00/lb


pastured berkshire pork