We maintain registered breeding stock of Berkshire pigs, and our farm maintains active membership in the American Berkshire Association. Through-out the year, we offer Berkshire feeder pigs and registered breeding stock for sale. We wean between 6-7 weeks old to ensure the piglets have a great start and are strong and healthy. Pigs are dewormed and vaccinated before leaving our farm. All of our pigs are raised on pasture and woodlots where they breathe fresh air and bask in the sunlight. Excellent bloodlines!


We are taking orders for Registered Berkshire Pigs for early-mid 2018. Gilts, Boars, and Feeder Pigs will be available.

Email karen@gratefulacresfarm.com or call 336-364-0115 to have your name added to our list. Deposit required.


Boars: $400, Gilts: $300, Feeder Pigs: $125

Berkshire Piglets
Berkshire Mama and Piglet
Berkshire Pigs
Berkshire Piglets
Berkshire Piglet
Berkshire Piglets
Berkshire Mama and Piglets