Berkshire Pigs

Pig Accolades!

I received an awesome email from a farm that bought some piglets from us. We do spend alot of time and effort on our animals, and it feels good to have it recognized and appreciated! “Hi Karen, I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed my trip to your farm. The little piglets are doing well. I was thoroughly impressed with your operation and your attention to detail. Your attention to detail and your care for your piggies impressed me immediately. I wish you the best in your ventures; and I know that working with you will help me to do the best in mine.”

Berkshire Sausage

Sausage Tasting Event

We had a wonderful time at our Sausage Tasting Event at ‘Farm to Home Market’ in Roxboro, NC! ‘Farm to Home Market’ carries our sausage and pork chops! Go get…

Smoked Hams

Check Out These Beautiful Hams!

Look at these beautiful Hams!! We’ve got just a few Smoked Hams available for your Christmas Table. They range from 8-13 lbs, bone-in and boneless. We just got them back…

Berkshire Pork

Awesome Pork Review!

Check out this awesome review from a new customer! She travelled from 3 hours away (each way!) to get some of our amazing pastured raised pork! “Karen, I thought I…

Pasture raised Pork Raleigh Durham

Our Berkshire Pork at Panciuto!

It’s a pretty great thing when a restaurant buys a whole pig and commits to using the entire animal. Panciuto in Hillsborough, NC has done just that with our Berkshire…

Pastured pork grass-fed beef raleigh durham

More Farm Praise!

This one is from a couple that lives out in Eastern Carolina, three hours away from us. They stopped by looking for a place to buy good beef and pork.…

Honeybee Plants

Prepping Fields for Honeybees!

Farmer Scott spent this lovely Friday evening harrowing one of our dormant fields for our honeybees. He’s getting it ready to plant annual Sweet Clover, followed by Maximillian Sunflower (part…