pastured pork

Look at that Pork Marbling!

More Berkshire Pork Praise! Here’s what Jen from Hillsborough, NC had to say (and btw, Jen is a total Foodie): “The Pork Chops were awesome!!! My daughter almost ate a…

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Happy New Year 2017!!

We wanted to thank everyone for supporting our farm this year! It makes such a huge difference in supporting your local farmer and sustainable food. We’ve got some great things…

We’ve got ALL of your Pork Products!

We’ve got it ALL folks! Now available –> Tenderloins, Loin Roasts, Picnic Roasts, Baby-back Ribs, BACON, Boston Butts, Chops, Ham Steaks, Brats, and NEW Sausage flavors! The following sausage is…

Pastured Pork North Carolina

Pastured Pork and Game Day

This is what Rob from Maryland was noshing on during Game Day last weekend … Grateful Acres’ pastured pork! His response? “They were SO GOOD!!” #berkshire #pasturedpork

Pastured Pork

What is she saying?

We put our Boar in with our Sows yesterday. Hopefully, in about 4 months time, we’ll have little piglets running around. 🙂 Yesterday, he was all about the girls. Today, she won’t…

Pasture raised Pork

Pork Praise!

Check out this awesome praise from Polly for our Pasture Raised Berkshire Pork! Not too mention those skewers look quite delicious! “Bacon wrapped shrimp with BBQ sauce for an appetizer!…

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We’re processing a couple of turkeys today for our own Thanksgiving table. While it’s never easy saying good-bye, we know that these turkeys were raised with love and that they…