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Our Berkshire Pork at Panciuto!

It’s a pretty great thing when a restaurant buys a whole pig and commits to using the entire animal. Panciuto in Hillsborough, NC has done just that with our Berkshire Pig. Panciuto is one of our very favorite restaurants and is a place where we always take our out-of-town guests for an amazing meal. You’ll see our Berkshire pig featured across their menu over the next upcoming weeks. This weekend, our Pork Chops are on the menu — Chef Aaron says it’ll be special.

Panciuto does an amazing job of connecting local, small farmers with the community and creating the most delicious food to share. They have such an amazing commitment to the local area and bringing fabulous, quality food to the table. Chef Aaron and his team never disappoint with their culinary creations.

It’s a privilege and powerful thing to know your food. Farmer Scott and I can’t wait to head into Panciuto for supper and see how they’re using our pig. As I watch our fellow diners, I’ll be thinking about the pork that’s being served. Not only can I tell you how he was raised, but I can describe his markings, I know where he liked to be scratched, I can tell you about his personality, and I can tell you he was a good pig, and I was able to thank him. To me, it’s a powerful and humbling thing to be able to know your food. It connects us in many ways.

Support your local community, your local farmers, and your local restaurants. It means a lot to all of us. Head into Panciuto over the next upcoming weeks and have an amazing meal. Visit our farm during our open weekends, and get to know your food.